In Swazi culture baskets are traditionally woven by women, the technique being passed down from mother to daughter. Through many generations the skills have been refined and highly detailed patterns and bright colours and designs have developed. 

Tintsaba have earned the reputation of Master Weavers in Sisal. Each year they visit the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe to submit their gallery grade baskets. 


Tintsaba artisans use a coiled weave technique, a 32 cm gallery grade basket can take upwards of 50 hours to produce.

The spinning of the sisal is done by hand on the leg to create one continuous sisal thread.

The sisal is tightly wrapped around coiled Lukhasi grass and the skilled weaver uses various techniques to add colours, the more colours that are added the higher the degree of difficulty.


 All baskets are graded according to the technical skill and design difficulty achieved by the weaver.

Master Weaver Collection (baskets only)

Technically perfect and is one of the best baskets produced in that year. Each basket is produced by a Master Weaver and is numbered and certified.
View 2017 Master Weaver Baskets

Gallery Grade

Technically perfect.

Craft Grade

Very slight technical weaving imperfections and/or design flaw.


Slight technical weaving imperfection and/or design flaw.

Woven Discs for Jewellery

The jewellery disc weaving is an innovation from Tintsaba. The technique is the same as for the baskets however the artisans use a finer sisal thread and Lutindzi grass which is finer and more malleable.

The jewellery discs are also graded. The highest quality are used in the Silver Range and market grade discs are used for the other ranges.