Gallery Grade Protea Basket - Mother of Pearl

Gallery Grade Protea Basket - Mother of Pearl

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Our Gallery Grade Baskets are our highest quality baskets. They are one off, unique pieces of art.

Tintsaba baskets are recognised as world class, transcending the traditional craft into gallery art. 

​Using a fine coiling technique, the baskets are woven from sisal, a fibre made from the agave plant which originated in, Mexico, and introduced to Africa to make the sisal fibre.

Before the sisal is ready for weaving it must be stripped, cleaned, and spun by hand. Weaving is a labour intensive task; it can up to 50 hours to spin the fine yarn and complete the weaving of a gallery grade basket.

  • Gallery Grade
  • Pattern : Protea
  • Collection : Galaxy
  • Diameter: 31 cm
  • Use to decorate your living space or collect to create a wall hanging.
If stock is not available the basket may be back ordered and will have up to a 3 month lead time.
The baskets photographed are then an example of the pattern and colours and your piece will have its own unique flair.
Please contact us to discus custom orders.